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PNC Online BankingPNC Bank has been around for a long time, but they really do have a storied history. Among other things, they acquired the well known and very successful National City Bank a few years ago in the fire-sale that happened after the mortgage crisis.

This move really helped them out. But, we will get to more of that later.

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A lot of people are probably just landing here looking for the login page for PNC bank. So, we thought we would put it right at the top here so that people can find it. Are you one of those people looking for the PNClogin page?

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PNC Online Banking

Below you will find a lot of great information about the history of PNC bank. It originally had two names that both had the initials of PNC! Who knew?

Before getting to the history, however, we wanted to make sure that we emphasized the importance of online banking for PNC. In the long run of history, it is pretty clear that online banking is very new to this corporation. However, it has been a transformative technology to move banking tasks to the internet.

What we are trying to say is do not underestimate the power of online banking. Especially, do not underestimate the power of PNC online banking. They have one of the best systems that we have seen.

PNC Bank History

PNC started up with commercial banking dating all the way back to the 1800s. Since those times, PNC has expanded to become a leading top tier bank in the United States of America.

PNC states that they are constantly trying to come up with new and helpful ways to bring their customers more value and their shareholders more money. These are obviously very good goals for a company in the financial industry.

PNC as it is today is actually comprised of many different companies and financial institutions that have merged and joined forces throughout history. Some of them go way back in history. So far back that they were some of the first financial institutions in the US.

PNC actually originally stood for “Pittsburgh National Corporation,” but before it received that name it was actually established as the “Pittsburgh Trust and Savings Company” way back in 1852. It is the oldest bank in Pittsburgh.

That early company soon moved to Wood street which was right next to fifth ave. Soon after that they moved into the building right on the corner of Wood and fifth ave. They have been there every since.

We really don’t understand the relationship between Pittsburgh National Corporation and the Provident National Corporation. They both have the acronym “PNC” so, we know they are related. Anyway, the Provident National Corporation goes back to the mid-1800s. This bank also had a precursor called “Provident Life and Trust Company.”  This was founded in by the Quakers as an insurance company. This eventually became commonly called “the Quaker bank.”

When Pennsylvania changed its laws to permit the creation of state-wide banks (Which it did in 1982), Pittsburgh National and Provident National were the early adopters for getting into the banking market. One year later, they merged in what was in those days the largest merger of two banks in the history of the United States.

This is when the name PNC came about. You see, since they had the same initials from their two names they decided to call the new organization that they just created the PNC Financial Corp.

After this, they became a powerful bank that began to slowly acquire other important banks around the country. It seems to us that most of their growth has actually been from mergers and acquisitions.

We hope that this has been a helpful description of PNC Bank.

PNC Online Banking

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