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If you want a great bank that has a lot to offer, you should really check out Standard Bank and their important and powerful internet banking options.

About Standard Bank

This bank is one of the biggest in all of South Africa. It has been around since the sixties and it really has it’s roots back to the 1800s when some British bankers set it up to begin with.

Internet Banking Options

Standard Bank Internet Banking

Standard Bank gives you a lot of great options for when you are doing your banking. One of the best and most convenient is the Standard Bank Internet Banking option.

This is so convenient and popular because there are so many people out there who want to get access to their banking information to pay bills and withdraw money and transfer cash without having to go to a physical location.

Standard Bank Internet Banking Logon

A lot of people are probably searching the web trying to find the information provided here. That information is none other than the Logon page for Standard Bank’s online banking option. Look no further.

Here it is.

Standard Bank Reviews

On this site, we like to provide reviews and to give you the opportunity to provide your own experiences to others who are interested in learning more about the banks that we talk about here.

So, Please take a moment to comment below about your experience with Standard Bank and their internet banking options.

Here are a few of the reviews that we have found around the web for your convenience:

One review site had disagreeing reviews. Here’s one that has only one star:

I dread trying to use Standard Bank Internet Banking it changes without notice all I want to do is pay accounts…

And here is one with 5 stars:

Best internet banking website I’ve ever used. Some problems logging in from 2am to 3am when they do their server maintenance, but apart from that, easy to use and no problems at all. Highly recommended.

It seems to us that from reading other reviews that most of the problems with Standard Bank’s Internet Banking is from people in other countries who can’t access the site.

Well, that’s just a quick survey of the rest of the web. What are your experiences?

Please comment below!





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